Computer Graphics & Game Development

Computer Graphics

Interested in the development of low level software, I love creating visual effects and making art out of maths.

Game Developer

I’ve played games since I was a child, but if there’s something I’ve always enjoyed more than playing, is creating them.

Core Programming

I’ve always been that kind of person that, when given a tool, is more insterested on creating the tool rather than using it.


Luis González Aracil

I’m a Multimedia Engineering graduated student at the University of Alicante. Since I was a child, curiosity and creativity have lead my way to almost everything I’ve done. When I discovered programming tons of things were made possible. I could program a computer to do everything that came into my mind! 
Now I aim to get expertise in the fields of Computer Graphics and Game Development.

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Top Skills

C / C++

Knowledge and understanding of the language  features and the language philosophy. Experience writing C++ code in a OOP style, using the standard library and applying design patterns.


Knowledge and understanding of the main features of the language as well as its philosophy. Professional experience in developing web projects and apps.

3D Software

Basic knowledge on modelling, texture painting,  texture baking, materials and lightning. Specially  familiar with Blender. I’ve also used 3DS Max and  Cinema4D.

Other skills and knowledge


Knowledge and understanding of all the basics. Professional experience developing web projects. Knowledge and understanding of all the basics. Professional experience as web developer. 

Z80 assembly

Understanding of the low level and how an 8 bit machine works, as well as some familiarity with the Z80 assembly instruction set. I’ve developed simple games for Amstrad CPC using Z80 assembly set.

Photoshop & After Effects

Understanding of the software features and basic workflow. Ability to edit and/or create new content.

Version Control

Professional experience working with Git.

Software methodologies

Professional experience working in Scrum and Kanban methodologies.

Other programming languages

Basic understanding and non-professional experience with Java, Python, Prolog, PHP and SQL. 

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