This project was developed during the second half of 2018 and the first half of 2019 as my dissertation project for Multimedia Engineering. I received the highest grade and got honours for it.

My goal was to explore graphics from a low level perspective, restricting myself to graphics done only using the CPU on a single thread, as well of honouring the world of the demoscene.

In 2018, my team Wasted Horchata and I were send by the University of Alicante to take part in Brains Eden Game Jam.

Not only had we fun and a great experience, but we also ended up winning an adward for the Best Mobile Game of this year.

Submitted for the Ludum Dare 42.

This game jam’s theme was «running out of space». We chose to develop a game in which you had to control a neon spaceship to survive in an shrinking planet.

XKating is a videogame developed by a team of 5 Multimedia Engineering as their last year’s project.

It’s a classic racing game, but with the special feature of having skaters instead of car drivers.

Agent 006 is a retro game developed by a team of 3 Multimedia Engineering students.

It’s been written entirely in Z80 Assembly and it features more than 63 different screens in less than 64KB of memory!

Project developed in 3Ds MAX using direct kinematic animation.

Instead of having the Pixar lamp, we have a friendly robot that tries to emulate the real animation…

Come with your family and enjoy!

Project developed in 3Ds MAX, done as if it was Western Saloon for a Warner Bros’ amusement park.


Project developed in 3Ds MAX following a LEGO instructions manual, replicating every piece and mounting it step by step.


Project developed by 3 second year Multimedia Engineering students for the Main Theater in Alicante.

The project consisted in a recontruction of old images from the early 20th century. We gave a sense of depth to those images by reconstructing them using Photoshop and Cinema4D.