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XKating is a videogame developed by a team of 5 Multimedia Engineering as their last year’s project.

It’s a classic racing game, but with the special feature of having skaters instead of car drivers.

In this game I’ve contributed in the following aspects:

  • Programming the game core from scratch in C++, with a component-driven architecture
  • Physics engine: we made our own physics engine for the game, called LAPAL
  • Graphic engine: we made our own graphics engine for the game, called RedPandaStudio. I contributed specially in creating the engine interface and connecting the engine with the game
  • Portability: I made the game portable to iOS and Windows (it was originally created for Linux), using makefiles.
  • Game logo animation: I developed the most of the logo animation using After Effects
  • Game credits: done using Blender and Adobe After Effects
  • Character modeling

Source code can be found at GitHub.

Reproducir vídeo